Before considering the purchase of an Anatolian / Mastiff cross (referred to as the American
Mastiff), please join our message board to read this very important information.  The Anatolian /
Mastiff cross is NOT the same as the "Mastiff".  It is a cross breed that is not recognized by AKC.  
The claims made by breeders are that the Anatolian / Mastiff cross (American Mastiffs) do not
drool as much and are healthier.  There is no documented evidence of either, so please take the
time to make sure you are completely informed before making such an important decision.
Are you considering buying an Anatolian / Masitff cross (American Mastiff)?
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Breeders listed on this site are breeders of the true "Mastiff",  sometimes referred to as the “English Mastiff” or
the “Old English Mastiff”.  Please do not confuse us with the Anatolian / Mastiff mix (American Mastiff), which is a
cross between the
Mastiff and the Anatolian Shepherd.
The AKC recognizes “Mastiffs” and does not recognize the Anatolian / Mastiff mix (American Mastiff).

Please click here to read important information about the Anatolian / Mastiff cross (American Mastiff)

Please click here to read the Mastiff Club of America's views on the Anatolian / Mastiff cross (American Mastiff)